Anugya Srivastava

Hi! I am a graduate student at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU where I am pursuing a Masters in Computer Science. I am motivated towards working on ethical and reliable leveraging of AI for public interest technologies. My resume (as of Sept’22) linked here lists various projects that I’ve worked on. If any of my work interests you, feel free to reach out to discuss more!

Recent Updates

  1. Joined Prof. Dhanya Sridhar’s Causal ML Lab at MILA. Working on latent subgroup discovery for hetereogeneous treatment effects [Sept’22 - Present].
  2. Spent the summer at Amazon [June’22 - August’22]
  3. Nutritional labels for Automated Decision Systems - Patient Survival Prediction, code available here. [May’22]
  4. Invited to the 2022 Grad Cohort for Women Workshop by CRA-WP.[April’22]
  5. Out of Distribution Detection on ImageNet-O out on arXiv and can be found here. [December’21]
  6. Graph CNNs for Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning (w/ Irmak Güzey). Read the full article here. [December’21]